Moonbeam Anthems

Series of pins 2017
repurposed LEGO®, fine silver back plate, Argentium silver, stainless steel pin

“There is a star in the sky / Guiding my way with its light / And in the glow of the moon / Know my deliverance will come soon / I’m waiting for the night to fall”

                                                                                        Waiting for the Night, Depeche Mode

Moonbeam Anthems - for those of you who feel energized and grounded during the night hours, when catching glimpse of a glowing full moon and starry sky stops you in your tracks and puts life in perspective. Take a deep breath, then sigh as you hear That Song – you know, the one you’d listen to over and over on your headphones when you were a young adult, wistful and melancholy in the tranquility of a balmy summer’s eve.

How deeply the songs of our younger selves have embedded themselves into our DNA, under our skin, able to transport us back in time to a specific place, memory, sensation, feeling. What a magical combination, the infinite night sky and the anthems of our youth, especially as we live in a world filled with dark stars, now more than ever reminding us to that our young invincible dreamer is at the ready, waiting just beneath the surface.

Moonbeam Anthem 1: Bowie
"the stars look very different today"
3.5"L x 2.25"W x .75"D

Moonbeam Anthem 2: Prince
"please send all your moonbeam levels 2 me"
4"L x 2.4375"W x 1"D

Moonbeam Anthem 3: Hedwig
"know in your soul / know that you're whole / and you're shining like the brightest star"
4.875"L x 2.625"W x .875"D

Moonbeam Anthem 4: Depeche Mode
"in the glow of the moon / know that my deliverance will come soon"
4.25"L x 3.75"W x .1"D