Denim Kids 1x1 Bracelet

Denim Kids 1x1 Bracelet


As kids and LEGO® go hand-in-hand, you’re set for a win with this REWARE Denim Kids 1x1 Bracelet. Made from repurposed LEGO®, minifig heads, durable rubber cord. Bracelets come wrapped in clear cellophane bags with an artist card enclosed.

1/4" H x  5/16" D

SIZE GUIDE - Inside wrist circumference in inches
Small: 5.5
Medium: 5.875
Large: 6.25

Models are wearing Green Blue and Builder styles (photo courtesy of

The perfect party favor for the ultimate LEGO® themed birthday party! Inquire for BULK pricing.

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Denim Kids 1x1 Bracelet
REWARE Kids 1x1 Bracelets
REWARE Kids 1x1 Bracelets