emiko o Malibu Basic 1x4 Bracelet

Malibu Basic 1x4 Bracelet


Feel the carefree breezes of summer wearing this Malibu Basic 1x4 Bracelet. The best selling category of the REWARE line time and time again, these bracelets have evolved in design to follow of the curves of your wrist for comfort.

Made from repurposed LEGO® and strung on durable stretch rubber cord.

Model is wearing Piano style.

1.25" height x  5/16" thickness

SIZING - Inside diameter of bracelet:
Small 6.25"
Medium 6.75"
Large 7"
XL 7.25"

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emiko o Malibu Basic 1x4 Bracelet
emiko o Basic 1x4 Bracelet