emiko o Malibu Slopes Charm Bracelet

Malibu Slopes Charm Bracelet


Charmed, I'm sure! Appeal to your senses of movement and sound with this summer funtime REWARE Malibu Slopes Charm Bracelet. The magnetic closure makes it oh-so-easy to put it on/take off by yourself and attached safety chain with spring clasp gives you the confidence your bracelet will stay on while dancin' the night away.

Made from repurposed LEGO®, sterling silver, spine in patinated or bright sterling silver. Magnetic clasp and safety chain with spring clasp.

Model is wearing Rainbows style.

Measures 2"H x 0.50"D.

SIZING - Inside wrist circumference in inches:
Small: 6.875
Medium/Large: 7.125

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emiko o Malibu Slopes Charm Bracelet
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