emiko o reware jewelry is made with utmost care in San Francisco, California, USA and shipped out to you in tip-top shape. To keep your pieces looking fabulous, follow the following guidelines.


CLEANING the LEGO® Plastic

Normal wear and handling of the plastic will leave oils from the skin, which can attract dirt. Use lint-free wipes or Q-Tips dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe clean. Optional: For extra shine and protection, polish with Kleenmaster Brillianize spray and lint-free wipes, Q-Tips or microfiber cloth.

Cleaning earrings: Immerse earrings in a small container of mild liquid soap and water, remove dirt with Q-Tip and rinse and dry off with lint-free wipes.



Metal components in emiko o reware jewelry are Argentium silver (bright silver) or patinated sterling silver (darker finish). Use a silver polishing cloth to remove tarnish due to oxidation. Patinated silver does not need to be polished and can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. 



emiko o reware bracelets are strung with a durable, waterproof stretch rubber cording, cording of which is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the bracelet with general use going over the hand. Years of frequent wear may cause the rubber to stretch out and the bracelet may need to be restrung. If the rubber is greatly overstretched beyond general handling it will maintain that memory and the bracelet will need to be restrung.

With the Bracelet Refit option you can have your bracelet restrung to its original fit and cleaned for a fee of $10 + shipping.

Contact request a Bracelet Refit. Customer is responsible for shipping the bracelet to emiko o reware.