Moonbeam Anthems

Series of pins 2017-2018
repurposed LEGO®, fine silver back plate, Argentium silver, stainless steel pin

“There is a star in the sky / Guiding my way with its light / And in the glow of the moon / Know my deliverance will come soon / I’m waiting for the night to fall”

                                                                                        Waiting for the Night, Depeche Mode

Moonbeam Anthems - for those of you who feel energized and grounded during the night hours, when catching glimpse of a glowing full moon and starry sky stops you in your tracks and puts life in perspective. Take a deep breath, then sigh as you hear That Song – you know, the one you’d listen to over and over on your headphones when you were a young adult, wistful and melancholy in the tranquility of a balmy summer’s eve.

How deeply the songs of our younger selves have embedded themselves into our DNA, under our skin, able to transport us back in time to a specific place, memory, sensation, feeling. What a magical combination, the infinite night sky and the anthems of our youth, especially as we live in a world filled with dark stars, now more than ever reminding us to that our young invincible dreamer is at the ready, waiting just beneath the surface.

Read more about my artistic process in creating this series on my blog here. Watch my Moonbeam Anthems Artist Presentation (10 minutes) on YouTube (see video player below).


Moonbeam Anthem 1: Bowie
"the stars look very different today"
3.5"L x 2.25"W x .75"D 2017

Moonbeam Anthem 2: Prince
"please send all your moonbeam levels 2 me"
4"L x 2.4375"W x 1"D 2017
Private Collection

Moonbeam Anthem 3: Hedwig
"know in your soul / know that you're whole / and you're shining like the brightest star"
4.875"L x 2.625"W x .875"D 2017

Moonbeam Anthem 4: Depeche Mode
"in the glow of the moon / know that my deliverance will come soon"
4.25"L x 3.75"W x .1"D 2017

Moonbeam Anthem 5: Moby
"I am wide open / reaching forever / into the blue"
5"L x 4.875"W x 1.25"D 2017-18
Private Collection

Moonbeam Anthem 6: Ziggy
"oh no, love / you're not alone"
3.75"L x 2.375"W x 1"D 2018
Private Collection