Feed Me Seymour! Inspiration down through the rabbit hole

More Fun. More Exploration. Read books. Find Art. These are my new approaches to setting myself up for a successful year to Make More Art. I've been making a weekly date with myself to get out of the studio and see something new, or even just to fall down the rabbit hole of Instagram and see what strikes me. 

So far I've stumbled upon and been struck with the work by Laine Justice (Gallery Lulo, Jules Maeght Gallery), Maurizio Anzeri (Haines Gallery Fog Fair SF), Susan O'Malley (posthumous art installations on Muni shelters on Market St, SF Art Commissions Gallery), Liza Lou & Jen Stark (via Cultured Magazine), just to name a few.

It's taken two decades of making new year's resolutions to "have more balance in life", to realize that the healthier attitude is to be OK when the scales tip one way or another on occasion. Life happens at a perfect imbalance.  Rather, checking in with my inner creative child, "what would make You especially giddy and joyful right now", and then granting myself permission to do those things with pleasure. Because the laundry list of what HAS to get done will always be there multiplying like rabbits no matter what, so we might as well enjoy ourselves!