My LEGO® FRIENDS Music Video Debut!

This past fall when I was in Los Angeles for the opening of Beyond Bling at LACMA, I had the most serendipitous opportunity of a lifetime! My husband and I randomly selected a quiet Italian restaurant to celebrate the LACMA opening, and it just so happens we were seated next to two lovely people from LEGO® Headquarters, Denmark. I was decked out in my Winter's Brush statement necklace and soon a conversation sparked about my LEGO® jewelry. Did I have more jewelry with me, they inquired, and what was I doing the next day? Would I be interested in having my jewelry styled on the girl band L2M for a music video whom they were collaborating for the 5th anniversary of the LEGO® Friends brand with an original song, "Living for the Rhythm".

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!! "Is this really happening? - THIS is the magic of L.A.!" is what continuously ran through my head that entire weekend. 

Yes, friends, I did have quite a bit of my newest limited edition pieces with me this trip and I did get to see the girls of L2M get styled out in many of my pieces, getting to witness behind-the-scenes the making of a music video. It takes a village, that's for certain, and I was blown away by the talents of Directors Coco & Breezy, twin prodigies from Brooklyn, NY of all that is hip and stylish, as they brought the best out of the band. Such talent abound!

Chatting with Producer Mads Munk revealed to me "this wouldn't have happened if you had TRIED to go through the appropriate channels at LEGO®, it could have only happened this way". Driving home the fact that sometimes it's all about being at the right place at the right time and GOING FOR IT! 

Watch the "Living For the Rhythm" music video for yourself, both the LEGO® Friends cut and L2M's cut. I get chills every time I watch it and LOVE how they credited me on YouTube - "L2M are wearing awesome LEGO® Jewelry created by Emiko Oye." Make sure to check out L2M's Channel, they are stars on the rise!