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"Beyond Bling" LACMA here I come!

Can I just shout from the rooftops, "emiko o reware is in the Permanent Collection of LACMA!" AND not only that, this major necklace of mine will be shown in a very, very special exhibition,  "BEYOND BLING: Jewelry from the Lois Boardman Collection". Opening is in one week, Oct 1 for V.I.P. (yes, I AM going and I've already picked out my jewelry!) and Oct 2 for the public. In conjunction with the show, a printed catalog is available, plus an all-day Symposium "Jewelry Matters" with keynote speaker, the legendary Dutch artist Gijs Bakker on Oct 1.  See my Maharajah's 6th Neckpiece on LACMA's website.

Lois Boardman is our West Coast Super Woman - having donated over 300 pieces of jewelry from her personal collection to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. WHOOOAA. Thank goodness for collectors such as herself, that through their generosity and insight are bringing art jewelry to major art museum collections. This is how the general public is finally going to get savvy to our field. 

Speaking of saavy, I'm super impressed by the press that this show has garnered. From "Fantastic Plastic" by Abbey Chamberlain Brach (Assistant Curator, LACMA) in Modern Magazine in the design world, to Marie Claire in the mass media fashion world, and Veranda Magazine in luxury living. Lucky me, my Maharajah's 6th necklace was chosen as the poster child for these publications, which couldn't make me giddier with delight! The Art Jewelry Forum, an international, non-profit jewelry organization released an interview by Toni Greenbaum with Lois that should not be missed - I love her answer to the question on collecting: "A person I met years ago, who was the backbone of the Smithsonian collection of folk art, told me that when he saw a piece he loved for the first time, he buzzed. Know the feeling." 

BEYOND BLING: Jewelry from the Lois Boardman Collection
Oct 2, 2016 - Feb 5, 2017
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Ahmanson Building, floor 2
5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90036

London calling - it's a small world after all

For as widespread as the Art Jewelry field has grown over the years, I'm constantly surprised at what a small world it really is, especially with more and more artists and galleries active on social media. My recent trip to London is a prime example. Per my obsession with artwork by the sculptor Louise Nevelson, we discovered an art jewelry gallery in the antiques quarter that has one of the largest collections of rare Nevelson jewelry. She did not make many pieces and made them primarily for herself, so to come across a whole lot is quite amazing. 

Rewind about 6 months ago, one of my Nevelson inspired neckpieces, dawning 2, gets tagged on Instagram on the @artistjewel page, a gallery that primarily features vintage art jewelry from the 50s-80s. We have a short convo and that is that. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I'm standing in said gallery space, Didier, LTD, walk in the door (appointment only) wearing my jewelry, of course, and the owner greets me with "You're wearing work by that San Francisco artist". HaHa! Glad to know that my signature style has crossed continents! As it turns out the gallery is also a member of the Art Jewelry Forum, so they own the exclusive reware LEGO pin that I created for AJF this year.

The next 90 minutes was a whirlwind tour of the history of Art Jewelry by famous artists, being able to view upclose and personal, even trying on a few pieces, like the spectacular kinetic earrings by Jesus Raphael de Soto. What a treat, my brain was chock-full and spinning by the end of our visit. Didier gifted us a few exhibition catalogs as we walked out, which I'm grateful for as a continued resource.

For anyone attending SOFA Chicago this fall, make a point to stop by Didier Ltd's booth, there are treasures to be discovered!